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Topics: Cell, DNA, Bacteria Pages: 6 (2177 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Science – Part 1
For each of the questions or incomplete statements below (#1-15), select the answer choice that is best in each case. Fill in the corresponding lettered space on your scantron.

1. In the 1980’s satellite measurement of ozone concentration in the upper atmosphere over Antarctica revealed the environmental damage caused by use of A. lead in the lining of pipes. B. growth hormone on cattle. C. certain chemicals in refrigerants. D. plutonium to manufacture nuclear weapons. 2. In examining a picture of a cell taken with an electron microscope, a student observes that the cell has a nucleus and a cell membrane, but not a cell wall. The student can correctly conclude that the cell probably comes from A. a moss. B. a fungus. C. a bacterium. D. an animal. 3. A chemical interferes with a cell’s ability to make proteins. Investigations reveal that the cell parts responsible for making proteins are in working order. The cell can also encode instructions for making proteins, but those instructions are not being carried out. The chemical appears to affect the communication between the A. cell wall and nucleus. B. nucleus and ribosomes. C. mitochondria and chloroplasts. D. endoplasmic reticulum and lysosomes. 4. An ecologist obtains a water sample from a possibly polluted river. Which form of pollution could be searched for by examining slides of the water under a compound microscope? A. bacteria B. acid rain C. heavy metals D. dissolved riverbank minerals * Plants provide the entry point for energy into an ecosystem. How is this illustrated in a food pyramid? A. Plants are shown at the top of the pyramid. B. Plants always have the greatest overall bio-mass. C. Plants are located in the middle of the pyramid D. Plants have the smallest number of organisms.9. How does DNA change from generation to generation in asexual organisms? A. cloning B. mutation C. variation D. gene pairing10. Athletes want a drink to help them maintain constant cellular respiration during their game. To accomplish this, the drink should contain A. ATP. B. lipids. C. glucose. D. proteins. * Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower are all variations of the same species of mustard plant. If they are allowed to crossbreed, they will eventually produce similar-looking offspring. What process created these different variations in the first place? A. sexual selection B. natural selection C. DNA transplants D. selective breeding The Genetics of Mouse Fur| Trait| Gene| Inheritance|

dark brown fur| B| dominant|
light brown fur| b| recessive|
15. If two heterozygous mice (Bb) mate, what is the probability that an offspring will have dark brown fur? A. 1 3 B. 1 2 C. 3 4 D. 32Directions for Question 16: When responding to the open-ended question that follows, you may use words, tables, diagrams, and /or drawings. Write your answer in your answer folder.16. Sally and her parents have an unusual trait which is carried on a dominant gene. * If Sally’s parents have another child, could he or she have the normal, recessive trait? * Could Sally have children with the normal, recessive trait? * Explain the factors that affect your conclusion. END OF PART 1 STOPSCIENCE – PART 2 * A biologist would use a compound microscope to count which of the following? A. genes B. proteins C. enzymes D. chromosomes * In 2000, gene therapy was used to cure three infants with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID). This technology can only be used if SCID is what kind of disease? A. inherited B. infectious C. metabolic D. contagious19. In fruit flies with the curly wing mutation, the wings will be straight if the flies are kept at 16 degrees Celsius. The most probable explanation...
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