Billy Elliot - Quotations

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Billy Elliot - Quotations
Dad: Listen, have you noticed anything weird about our Billy lately? Tony: What are you after like, a list?

Billy: Just because I like ballet doesn't mean I'm a poof, you know.

Mrs. Wilkinson: Find a place on that bloody wall and focus on that spot. Then whip your head 'round and come back to that spot. Prepare!

Mrs. Wilkinson: Right, Mr. Braithwaite, "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow". [to herself]
Mrs. Wilkinson: Fat chance!

Billy: So what about your mother? Does she have sex?
Debbie: No, she's unfulfilled. That's why she dances.
Billy: She dances instead of sex? Your family's weird!

Billy: I don't want a childhood. I want to be a ballet dancer.

Billy: All right, all right, don't lose your blob!

Billy: Miss, you don't fancy me do, do you?
Mrs. Wilkinson: No, Billy. Funnily enough, I don't. Now piss off! Billy: [smiling] Piss off yourself.

Dad: I'm bustin' my ass for those 50 pences and you're - look, from now on, you stay here and look out for your Nana. Got that? Good. Grandma: They used to say I could have been a professional dancer if I'd had the trainin'! Dad: WILL YOU SHUT UP?

Billy: I hate you! You're a bastard!
Grandma: I used to go to ballet.
Billy: See?
Dad: All right for your Nana, for girls. No, not for lads, Billy. Lads do football... or boxing... or wrestling. Not friggin' ballet.

Mrs. Wilkinson: Please yourself, darlin'.

Debbie: If you want, I'll show you me fanny.
Billy: Nah, I'm all right.

Mr. Braithwaite: You look like a right wanker to me, son.

Mrs. Wilkinson: This'll sound strange, Billy, but for some time now I've been thinkin' of the Royal Ballet School. Billy: Aren't you a bit old, miss?
Mrs. Wilkinson: No, not me... you! I'm the bloody teacher!

Billy: I don't want to do your stupid audition. You only want me to do it for your own benefit!

[Billy falls to an opponent at boxing]
George: Jesus Christ, Billy Elliot! You're a disgrace to them gloves, your father, and the traditions of this boxing hall!

[Billy is dancing while walking]
Dad: Is that absolutely necessary? Walk normal!

Tony: You're a ballet dancer, then let's be havin' it!

Billy: So, what's it like, like?
Dad: What's what like?
Billy: London.
Dad: I don't know, son. I never made it past Durham.
Billy: Have you never been?
Dad: Why would I want to go to London?
Billy: It's the capital city!
Dad: Well, there are no mines in London.
Billy: Jesus Christ, is that all you think about?

[at the theatre]
Tony: What the bloody hell are you doing here?
Michael (Aged 25): I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Michael: Oi, dancing boy!
[Billy runs to Michael]
Dad: We'll miss the bus, Billy!
Tony: Will you stop being an old fucking woman?

Billy: Tony, do you ever think about death?
Tony: Fuck off.

Mrs. Wilkinson: So. Do we get the pleasure of your company next week? Billy: It's just, I feel like a right sissy.
Mrs. Wilkinson: Well don't act like one. 50p please. And if you're not coming again give us your shoes. Billy: [thinks] No, you're all right.
Mrs. Wilkinson: Right.

Gary Poulson: What are you deeing man? This is hand to hand combat not a bloody tea dance!

Debbie: Dad did it with this woman from work but they don't think I know.

Michael: So you're going to ballet every week?
Billy: Aye, but don't say owt.
Michael: Do you get to wear a tutu?
Billy: Fuck off, they're only for lasses. I wear me shorts. Michael: You ought to ask for a tutu?
Billy: I'd look a right dickhead.
Michael: I think you'd look wicked.

Mrs. Wilkinson: What have I told you about that arm?

Billy: I think I'm scared, Dad.
Dad: That's okay, son. We're all scared.
Billy: Well... if I don't like it, can I still come back?
Dad: Are you kidding? We've let out your room.
[straight face then laughter]

Tutor 1: What does it feel like when you're dancing?
Billy: Don't know....
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