Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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What do you think Bill Gate’s personality traits are for each of the Big Five dimensions? First dimension of Big Five is surgency which refers to dominance. Bill Gates has the leadership traits and he tends to be in charge. Bill Gates is known as a demanding boss. He would be in charge for the “Bill” meetings and dominant in the meetings. He carries the extraversion traits whereas he is has positive emotions and full of energy. His character of interrupting presentation and questioning the presenter to provide him with logical answers shows that he is an action oriented person with full of energy. Second is the openness to experience where he carries willingness to try new things traits. He is full of ideas and imaginary visions on what he expect to see in future and changes that he want to see. He opens his mind to new possibilities such as the idea of bridging all home entertainment into one single access and control. Besides this, he also encourages the employees to be creative and recognizes their achievements as well. Third is conscientiousness where he carries responsibility and achievement traits. Bill Gates founded Microsoft as a partnership in 1981. He convinced IBM to include his operating systems into their PCs and in 2004 Microsoft was the world’s third largest public company ahead of IBM itself. This proves his achievement over the time in growing the business stronger and solid. Fourth is agreeableness. Although Bill Gates is not recorded for being friendly, he does carry the sociable traits whereas he founded Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and had spend millions of dollars to charity worldwide regardless on race and religion or ethnic groups. It shows his sympathy and caring on others. At the same time, from the text, he is mentioned that several of his early employees are now millionaires which ensure that Bill Gates is not a greedy boss, he care for his fellow employees and willing to share the piece of the cake and succeed together. 1...
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