Big Things Come in Small Packages (a Report Paper)

Topics: Birthday, Happy Birthday to You, 2008 singles Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: February 4, 2013

For some, birthday celebrations are mandatory. But for our family, birthdays are seldom celebrated. The 16th day of March 2011, for other people, is just a typical day. But for me, it was more than what met my eyes and what I have felt during that day. I woke up feeling lively and sound. For a while, I stopped and started counting the days in the calendar. Adrenalines rushed through my system when I remembered correctly. I will never be wrong—today is my birthday. That brimming feeling of excitement suddenly wore off because if I remember correctly, we seldom celebrate birthdays; this day is not an exception.

Before I left for school, my mother bade me goodbye, greeted me and gave me 300 pesos. Of course, I thankfully accepted the gift, kissed her and offered my respect as I left the house. When I reached the school, my heart filled with joy as most of my classmates, friends, friends of my friends and even those whom I don’t know cheerfully greeted me. I was never used to this kind of treatment that is why I replied nothing but thank you.

I was on my fourth year that time so everyone is busy with everything concerning graduation. I, too, was busy loitering around the campus to find every advisers of every organization I am in. I know very well that as a student, signatures of advisers for extracurricular activity certifications are of great necessity especially if you are a graduating one.

Walking for half a day is a tiring work so I decided to take my lunch and went back to school. It was during that time when one of my classmates told me that I am being called by our adviser. My heart started to beat fast since I am not used to being called by my teachers if it is not class discussion. Random thoughts gushed through my mind. Things like, what if there has been a problem on my grades or have I done anything wrong were coming in and out of my head. When I entered her office, I slightly noticed a weird smile on her...
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