Big Fish Film-Book Comparison

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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The Comparison Between the Storytelling Style of the Book Big Fish, and the Film For the past few weeks, I have analyzed the storytelling style of the book and film Big Fish. The biggest difference I noticed was that I thought that the book focused more on the telling of Edwards inane stories, while the film was mostly centered around character development and relationships. I also think that while the book was very euphoric and felt like a children’s bedtime story, the film took a much more mystical and mysterious route, where a childish feel was dormant. Lastly, I thought that in the book the author just threw all the stories together and told them sporadically, but the film it followed more of a storyline and had order. Although the book seemed to have been written for a child, nevertheless the film was portrayed in a much more dark, mysterious manner due to the mood and other components. First of all, the book seemed to be more focused on the telling of Edward’s life, while the film was more centered on the development of characters and their relationships. For instance, the film went back to the situation with William and the rest of his family a lot more than the book did, in order to precipitate more relatable characters. In the film, I thought that it was easier to see and understand William’s character because of the way the filmmakers made him appear to be the “normal” person apart from his father’s stories. In the book, William seemed to question his father’s stories only a little, but mostly playing along, and just working on telling them to the reader like Edward told him. For that reason, I think the book was more of a fantasy, and the film more of a reality check. These things led me to believe that the POV of William...
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