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  • Published : December 31, 2012
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1. What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of a small and big company or organization?

Big company advantages are :
* Stronger Brand Recognition = Larger companies usually enjoy stronger brand recognition or awareness versus smaller ones. Brand recognition pertains to the percentage of people aware of a company's brand name and products. Most large companies start out as smaller organizations. * Greater Human Resources = Larger companies usually have greater numbers of employees or human resources. This allows them to pool their resources to accomplish more work. They also typically have taller organizational structures. * Economy of Scale = Another advantage of having a larger company is economy of scale. Suppliers often provide price breaks for businesses, wholesalers and retailers that can buy products in higher quantities.

Small company advantages are:
* Clear Vision = In large businesses, the company vision can be lost behind department doors and procedures. These massive entities must work hard to maintain their vision and sustain excitement. The small business is more likely to stay true to the company's vision because of the simplicity of daily operations. * Employee Input = Corporations have their own "think tanks" that assess situations and provide solutions. CEOs often depend on their vice presidents for innovation ideas. In a small business, sharing good ideas is easier as managers and owners are more visible and accessible. Employees are more likely to have avenues to share their ideas and be a part of any troubleshooting that occurs. * Community Connectedness = There's no denying that many large companies have become "socially conscious" in recent decades. However, there's no replacing the value of family. Small businesses provide a community connection that large businesses don't have. As members of a community, the small business owner and staff are better informed about local news, trends and events. They can see a...
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