Big Boiii

Topics: Rhetoric, Sentence, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: December 9, 2012

| 4- Exceeding Standards| 3- Meeting Standards| 2- Approaching Standards| 1- Below Standards| Title| -shows a lot of thought is creative. It does not reveal what the essay is about.| -shows some thought & hints at what the essay is about| -most of it tells what the essay is about| -says exactly what the essay is about| Lead| -is evident and it definitely lures/engages the reader | -is strong and tries to lure/engage the reader | -tries to lure /engage the reader| -does not lure or engage the reader| Introduction| -includes strong lead -clear and sophisticated thesis statement and three clear and supporting details| -includes lead ; thesis is somewhat clear and three supporting details are there| -includes a weak lead; unclear thesis and not all three supporting details are there | -does not include lead; clear thesis statement and 3 supporting details are not evident| Format| -five paragraphs and an accurate works cited page| -5 paragraphs and works cited page is mostly accurate| -wrong number of paragraphs and incorrect works cited page | -wrong number of paragraphs and no works cited page| Body| -all three paragraphs have clear topic sentence and 2 pieces of research for each supporting detail| -two paragraphs have topic sentence and accurate research| -one paragraph has topic sentence and accurate research| There is no evidence of topic sentence or relevant research| Specific Vocabulary| -all the general words have been eliminated and replaced| -most of the general words have been eliminated | -some of the general words have been eliminated | -none of the general words have been eliminated| Voice| -clear, consistent and powerful; sounds like you.| -clear, mostly sounds like you and sometimes powerful| -sometimes clear and sometimes sounds like you| -does not sound like you at all| Fluency| -various types of sentences and various lengths are used throughout| various types of...
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