Bialystok Viewing Tower

Topics: City, Structure, Change Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Bialystok Viewing Tower
Europe - Poland - Bialystok
Designer(s): Krzysztof Butrym
Bialystok Technical University

Bialystok is one of the few cities which will allow you to travel the distance from the outskirts of the town to its centre and being on its ‘green’ areas at the same time. The square surrounding the tower, thanks to its reconstruction and re-function will link the separate parks (pleasure grounds) together. In a consequence of this link, the traffic will get moved towards the bypasses of the city centre areas, which will aim to change the character of the current city centre areas and also will lead to ecological changes within the means of transport on this area. At the point of crossing of the compositional axes of the historical assumption the modern landmark of the city aesthetically binds the town tissue and bonds the spaces of a different nature. The sculpture of the viewing tower has a context of the helix (symbol of development) and results from the Viewing tower function. This structure is determined like the DNA code and tends to infinity. While searching for any of the structural attributes of the tower structures, abstractions about the geometry of the helix led me to create an organic plant-like structure, rooted in a slight elevation of the square, where the spiral stairs and twisted lanes of moving elevators are like stalk topped with a "flower" of the dome with the viewing platforms. Interpenetration of the constantly changing points of the view and an inner space with the outer one in the moving viewer's eyes creates the impression of four-dimensionality. To be able to realize my dreams, I tried to create the design expressed in the Manifesto of the Bauhaus, Walter Groupius utopia "of the new future building that will be an all in one form: architecture, sculpture and painting."
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