Bharitaya Ekta Mandit Hindu Temple

Topics: Hinduism, Vishnu, Rama Pages: 3 (1212 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Erica Garcia

Bharitaya Ekta Mandit Hindu Temple

Never I my life did I ever imagine walking into a religious building that is not in my nature. As me and my friend park into the Hindu temple parking lot, we saw an amazing white structure that looked enormous. We attended a Hindu Temple near 28th Ave and Maryland named Bharitaya Ekta Mandir. It was a Saturday morning at 9:30 am and that day was the day they worship the deity named Shree Vishnu Sahastranama and Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam. It is common for Hindus to perform Puja, daily worship, and this temple had a calendar for each day of the week to worship a different deity at a certain time. Temple Pujas are performed at dawn, dusk, and midnight. We were welcomed by kind people and a man who managed the temple. He led us to the entrance where there was a sign that said “Shoes must be removed before going inside the temple.” We had to abide by the rules and regulations for their religious purposes such as: No shoes, no food/drinks, do not disrespect or touch the shrines and wear clothes that is conservative and non-revealing. Once we have made sure we were dressed properly, we entered the Temple.

The top of door had many colorful Hindu designs that lit up the room and around it were lettering of Indo-Aryan language. There were many symbols such as “the Om” that signifies dignity and authority. Around the corners of the room were little statues of the deities like Ganesha and Parvati decorated with flowers. There was another door we had to walk into to get to the main room. As you walk in there is a scent of burned incense which is commonly used in the ritual practices. There was also a big gold and silver chest that had flower designs and a Swastika on the center. The Swastika is the second most important symbol to Hinduism that symbolizes the eternal nature of the Brahman. On top of the Chest, there was a big bell that you had to ring before you walked in. it was important to ring the bell...
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