Beyond Borders Film Analysis

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Beyond Borders Film Analysis

7:30- 9:45: This scene of Beyond Borders shows how America and other European countries would support Ethiopia and some other countries in Africa because they were communist. America stopped sending food to underprivileged countries and let people starve just because they were communist. Also during this clip it talks about the statistics and people dying from diseases like measles. Later in the movie at 59 minutes and 39 second there is another example of this in which the American government stops send supplies to Cambodia and doesn’t recognize them as a country.

40-45:30: In this part of the movie the leaders of Ethiopia come to check on how the camp is doing. The camps at this time are having trouble with the water supply and food is very minimal. The leaders of the camp are frustrated and the leader of the country shows no sympathy. They don’t care that the people are starving and dying. At the end of this scene the leaders of Ethiopia leave angered and don’t help the camp in any way. This shows that in the underprivileged countries the government doesn’t do anything to help the people.

52-56:50: This scene of the movie takes place in London in the late 80’s or early 90’s. In the scene it shows how the depression is affecting families in America. People were losing their jobs and had no money. It put families in a very difficult position that jeopardized many families. Also in this scene it shows a news clip of the Berlin wall being taken down in Germany. It shows citizens destroying the wall with pleasure that their country is soon to be unified.

1:07-1:20:This scene of the movie was by far the most disturbing for me. It showed a camp in Cambodia were they were giving people immunization shots. Out of nowhere government officials come in and they are very angry about something. They claim that the doctors are CIA agents trying to ruin their country and hurt the people. (Ironically, in this scene the...