Between a Woman and Her Doctor

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Miscarriage Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: March 3, 2012
“Between a Woman and Her Doctor”
“Between a Woman and Her Doctor” by Martha Mendoza is the author’s personal experience of a complex abortion while dealing with the difficulties of legal disputes and limited medical assistance during an emotional time in her life. Mendoza uses the expressive purpose as she writes her story to express her depressing and frustrating feelings she has during the death of her child as well as the challenging time as she tries to obtain a dilation and extraction procedure. Her secondary purpose is persuasive as she describes a change to be made in the set-in-stone policy regarding abortion and the need for more doctors to have the necessary training to perform abortions after sixteen weeks of pregnancy as doctors are becoming more obsolete to perform that type of surgery. Mendoza uses narration of event pattern as she defines in detail events which lead to her desperate situation she in in. Mendoza also uses narration of persuasive process as she points out how the change of the law needs to be made for women, such as her to not endure any further physical or emotional pain of carrying a dead fetus due to the partial birth abortion ban.

Mendoza defines the partial birth abortion law signed in November 6, 2003 by President George Bush which prohibits doctors from performing an abortion after sixteen weeks of a pregnancy term regardless if the fetus no longer has a heartbeat, leaving her as well as other women in her place, to continue to carry on a dead fetus until it can be surgically removed. Mendoza brings up a point that due to the law, fewer doctors are being trained to conduct a dilation and evacuation (D&E) due to the training being a waste of time because the procedure may soon be illegal. She also explains the research she conducts regarding the statistics of the dilation and evacuation procedure abortion in the early stage of pregnancy.

Mendoza exposes several strengths in her work. In the beginning of her...
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