Best Practice - Fixed Guards

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Fixed Guards – Best Practice
Depends on Machine/Equipment best method of machine guard is used. Fixed guards can be isolated to three sections; 1. Static Interlocking
2. Locked Guards and Gates
3. Adjustable Fixed Guards

1. A static fixed guard is best practice depending on the scenario. It is fastened securely to the machine either by welding or by fasteners that cannot be detached without the use of tools. Guards should be constructed and arranged so it is impossible for anyone to reach the dangerous parts from any angle, including from beneath the machine. As safe practice guards lower than 1600mm should not be used without additional safety measures. That is said not high enough because a hazardous projectile from the machine can easily be in contact with the operator. Also is best practice that the gap between the bottom of guard and floor not be greater than 180mm which is to stop anyone reaching through to the dangerous portions of the machine. Interlocked guards are the guards that operate by cutting the power to the machine if the guard is opened. Therefore is ensures that the user cannot come in contact with moving parts. It is plain and simple because the guard covers all hazardous areas. 2. Locked guards and gates depend on primarily the operator. The operator must not open the gate until the machine has stopped completely.  Isolation and lockout devices such as manual locks and fences can also be used to ensure that the machine is not accidentally restarted during maintenance and cleaning. This is best practice on machinery where static interlocking guards could not be used. 3. Adjustable guards are known to be fixed guard with adjustable elements. Those elements are positioned to suit each operation and the operator. The depending on the operation and the way the hazard operates the guard is constructed. Also depending on height and weight of the operator the guard is adjusted. They are self-adjusting guards which are forced...
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