Beowulf Acceptance to the Hero Hall of Fame (Old)

Topics: Hero, Swimming, English-language films Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Dear committee of the Hero Hall of Fame, I’m sitting here shocked at the fact; Beowulf seems to be missing from hall of fame. Beowulf is the greatest hero of his time. He possesses the most important qualities of a hero being courage, in-human abilities, and selflessness. Furthermore this heroic legend puts on a display of ridiculous amount of courage many times. He stated, “I have heard too, that the monster’s scorn of men is so great that he needs no weapons and fears none. Nor will I.”(166-169) I don’t know about you but if I were to battle a monster I would take every weapon imaginable. He has so much courage he would rather fight fairly. Secondly, no one of his era had the capabilities of this man. “Now he discovered once the afflictor of men, tormentor of their days what it meant to feud with Almighty God… And the bleeding sinews in his shoulder snapped muscle and bone split.” No ordinary man can place fear in a monster and snap it’s arm off. No man has enough strength to accomplish that besides Beowulf. Last of all, you can notice selflessness in about everything he does. “He could never leave me behind, swim faster across the waves than I could, and I had chosen to remain close to his side” Beowulf participated in a swimming match with the amazing swimmer Brecca. He could easily win but he decides to swim by his friend and make sure that he is okay. Beowulf has more concern for Brecca’s life than his own! That ‘s a true show of selflessness. He does something very similar to this again. “Other monsters crowded around me, continually attacking. I treated the politely offering the edge of my razor-sharp sword.” If you are being attacked by monsters would you ever think to think and care about monsters? I don’t think there is anybody who would do this besides him. He has so much selflessness he doesn’t even worry about himself when people are trying to hurt him. In conclusion, there are many heroes of today who look cool but ask...
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