Beowolf Resume

Topics: Beowulf, Skill, Battle Pages: 2 (264 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Beowulf, Defeater of Evil and Great Protector
Objective To defeat all evil and gain high status among my people as well as to protect my kingdom and other kingdoms. Experience Stronger
In a battle for who could swim farthest against Brecca, I came out on top in the freezing waters of Norway. While I was battling for my life I also killed nine sea monsters and made safe the waterways at finnish lands.

I drove five giants into chains, chased that entire race from the earth and fought Grendel1, who reigned terror over Herot for twelve years and killed him when no one else could.

I slayed Grendel with my bare hands2, slayed his mother with a sword forged by the giants3 and slayed the dragon with the help of wiglaf4.

Education Taught by Edgetho-
Father was a skilled workman and battled many beasts. He passed down his brans and bronze.

Taught by Hrethel-
Grandfather was the former king of the Geats with many skills in ruling and leading that he passed down over the years.

Taught by God-
Fate was always on my side and God blessed my body to be adroit and agile in many situations. There were many omens involved in my life.

Interests Slaying beasts, showing off my toned and muscular body, bragging about how wonderful I am, and swimming. References Hrothgar5, King of Herot. Higlac, King of Geats.

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2 Page 44 lines 168-269
3 Page 55 lines 513-525
4 Page 61 lines 703-705
5 Page 38 in description
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