Benefits of Universal Healthcare

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Health Care For All: What's Wrong with That?
Universal Heath Care is benefical to the heath of the community."rising healthcare costs are causing more and more Americans to go bankrupt. These people may simply be too poor to afford adequate healthcare, they may have insufficient healthcare for a major crisis, or they may have simply lost their healthcare benefits when they lost their job"(Obama, having private heath care causes staggering results,than private isnt the route to take. Many indultiralize nations has instated government heatlh care. Government health provides the nation at large an opoutunity for proper heatlcare.

Health care shouldnt only be provided to the ones who could afford it,but it should be provided for all.In this world we shouldnt hold a stingy finger, but our hands should be extend out to help a fellow "brother".With private healthcare the oppoutunities are limited.According to the facts,precentage of the tax"s payers dollars are going into healthcare,wheather you have one or not.Absolute interest has been taken in universal heath care in the United States.The battle over equality has taken root.Everybody should have a chance at "Health".

Also,there will be harmony among following rules and regulation.All the doctors will be connected in some way,perhaps network.If you are unemployed, no job,you chances of receiveing treatment from the doctor is still the same.The health of the citizens will transform,since now they have an "equal chance" .The chance of speading trasferrable diseases are reduce as well. Hospitals will be less hectic, and oraganized. People being untreated from hospital will ceases because they have insurance.

Health care aids healthier workers.People who have work will use less sickdays, due to being under the weather.Money will be put to "other" uses, if it wasn't going into health care preminums.Large companies can downsized in their "cost of goods sold" by removing health insurance.The...
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