Benefits and Disadvantages of Young Military Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Husband, Wife Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Benefits and Disadvantages of Young Military Marriage
Having experience being in a committed relationship with a United States Navy sailor for three years, it seemed necessary to address this issue for young women to make an informed decision before getting married to a United States Serviceman. Whether one is in a committed relationship with a Serviceman and planning to get engaged, or newly starting a relationship with someone presently enlisted, knowing what is to come with being a military spouse is something every 18-22 year old girl with a military significant other should know.

The degree of the commitment in the relationship should be the biggest factor on whether marriage should be an option. Women often romanticize military men and if the relationship has a solid foundation his duties as a US Serviceman should not interfere with one’s level of commitment. Sometimes the responsibilities of a Serviceman calls for long distances and being away from loved ones for a long period of time – this is something one should know and understand when going into a military relationship. Stepping into a serious lifetime commitment is something that one should not take lightheartedly and one should understand that the degree of commitment is huge component. It seems to be a trend that young women who are married to military men, put aside their own goals of school to be at their husbands side – which is a generous and brave gesture, but should be of some concern. One’s own plans are also something to always keep as a priority. If getting engaged and married is the first concern, ones own plans for continuing education should be next if that is a potential desire or goal. There are options as a military spouse for special scholarships for online college classes – which seems to work when military men are frequently given orders to move to different stations – online school may help keep some stability in one’s own education. If having one’s own career is something...
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