Benefits and Costs of Authorized Immigrants to Workers

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Employment, Immigration Pages: 10 (3472 words) Published: February 23, 2013

Benefits and costs of authorized immigrants to workers, consumers, and the economy are varied. Authorized immigrants have the ability to come to the US and make higher wages than they usually can in there home country. With the legality of their working here they will still pay taxes, and abide by all US laws. This allows for firms to hire workers that will do many of the undesirable jobs most people would not want to do, or are over qualified to do without forcing the firms to operate in the "black market." Labor consumers get benefits that they have more options available to hire. Authorized immigrants could have more specialized education in industries/fields that are not as apparent or as developed in the US. This leads to benefits in the economy as a whole as some of the specialized fields could lead to whole new industries in the US, which equates with more job availability. Along with this, the economy will have a whole new demographic of workers to choose from for hire. The diversity that comes from it can only be beneficial, making the market more competitive overall. Costs of authorized workers are pretty much few, but they are big ones. Some problems question American pride and ability. Some ask, "Why do we need foreign workers in the US anyway?" We are self-sufficient and do not need them regardless if they are legal or not. Although there are benefits many people are against even authorized workers. This causes some problems among workers, there can be tensions between the native-born and foreign-born. Consumers of labor can have problems because with authorized foreign workers sometime firms are required to hire certain races/ethnicities. The only problem being with that is that a firm might be forced to hire a less qualified, productive worker just because they are a certain ethnicity. Costs to the economy as a whole is that some American funds, such as wages made by workers on Visa's are often sent home to another country to support one's family there, This act takes money straight out of the American economy and puts it into another. A 1-2 punch in weakening the local economies.  Unauthorized immigrants are a different story. In my opinion the benefits are scarce and the costs are immense. The benefits can be said to come from the workers willing to work at less of a wage, for unwanted hours, and undesired professions. Even so, I don't think these actions are right for either party. The worker gets taken advantage of, while the employer is breaking the law, all at the same time as the worker not paying taxes while benefiting from all our society's advantages. All moral and legal thoughts aside, bare bones, the worker is making a wage, and the labor consumer is saving money by paying less or a wage. These can be said to be benefits to the certain individuals. With this situation I see no benefits to the economy as a whole, only to individuals in micro-economies as just explained. Costs to unauthorized workers go beyond the possible legal actions that could be taken against the workers and the consumers for operating in this black market. As said before the worker gets taken advantage of and the consumer has no one to stop them from it. The costs to all of society is that neither party will be required to pay the mandatory taxes that our society requires to keep it running at current status. The illicit workers take away the jobs of the legal/authorized and give them to the unauthorized. This essentially double the effect on the economy as a whole by taking taxes away that would have been paid by a authorized worker, then not having taxes paid by the unauthorized worker. The US has many programs in place to encourage immigration in the US, and they welcome immigrants to come work here. There are temporary visas, permanent worker status availability, and student and exchange visitor programs. These among others make up the US's programs to encourage immigration. To explain one more in depth the temporary...
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