Ben & Jerry's Case Study

Topics: Ben & Jerry's, Vanilla, Milk Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Question One:
Ben & Jerry’s is founded on and dedicated to the three main parts of their mission statement: social, product and economic. These missions were to be fulfilled in creative new ways. When the company first started, the strong commitment to the community was a unique idea but it is now an increasing popular concept. Over the past decades, Ben & Jerry’s has continuously donated 7.5% of its pretax earnings to various social foundations and community-action groups. Also, they express customer appreciation with an annual free cone day. Most notably, the company used social-value-led marketing to help fund social programs and raise awareness of social ills. On financial grounds, Ben & Jerry’s showed their commitment to the community by originally selling stock in their first public offering to residents of Vermont, for their local support of the first store opened. Another way the company demonstrated an innovative way to improve the quality of life was through the management of their liquid wastes by providing a win-win solution to an environment issue with a local pig farmer. Through these various actions, the company has proved to be successful in the social part of their mission statement by operating the business with innovate ways to improve the quality of life in the community. In regards to their product mission, Ben & Jerry’s have built up a reputation where they are known for their ‘zany’ ice cream flavors. By January 2000, they became a major premium ice cream producer with almost 200 shops across the US and overseas, along with a presence on supermarket shelves. Their list of ice cream flavors shows a variety of exciting concoctions from Bovinity Divinity to Chubby Hubby. Even when trying to fulfill their social consciousness by providing business to an overwhelmed bakery run by a nonprofit religious institution, the result ended a less than desired block of brownies. Due to their flexibility in product and social mission, Ben & Jerry’s...
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