Ben Franklin Research Paper

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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This report is about one of the most recognized and influential figures in all of American history. He has discovered technologies, spread around unique ideas, and taken place in many historical political events. He was the leader of a unique group called the philosophes. He was one of the few men that could not only read, but could write at the same time as these abilities were not emphasized at this point and time like they are today. Many of the most significant events in American history could not have been possible without the help or involvement of this man. This report is being written about one of the men responsible for America’s success today. His name is Benjamin Franklin. This report will explain a lot of the significant events in his life that really made him the influential figure that we know of today.

Benjamin Franklin was known for being many things including a scientist, inventor, statesman, musician, philosopher, economist, and a printer. Saying he was one of the most influential figures in history is an understatement. Ben Franklin started his young life as a printer. Although, this was not one of his most memorable professions, he did spark some interest out of the townsfolk with his ideas very quickly in his life. He was already getting his name out which would ultimately start the legacy of Ben Franklin. His life with science and politics would start around 1748. This is when Franklin would start to get noticed as an important figure in this day and time. They were going to make him militia colonel despite his short life as a soldier but instead chooses be an everyday soldier. This shows that his knowledge is already being noticed. 1748 marked the final year of his printing career as he would retire from that to strictly devote his life to science and research. (Lemay) Benjamin Franklin was very renowned for his inventiveness. He invented many things including the armonica, his own version of the stove, the lightning rod, bifocals,...
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