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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Francois Tremblay maintained that ‘When you belong, it is based on the worst in you – racism, nationalism, hatred of strangers....... You feel belonging to ‘your country’ based on a contrast with ‘other countries’, you feel belonging to ‘your race’ in contrast to all others....” On behalf of the University of Sydney I welcome you to our HSC study day. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. In order for an individual to find a connection amongst their boundaries, they must adapt to their physical surroundings and family to find their identity. One’s attitude and endeavours characterise our psychological closure which we strive to find. This is only achieved through one’s sense of belonging which is merely an internal feeling that is developed for individuals to fit into the world around us. This feeling is transitory, that varies from a state of belonging to not belonging simultaneously once confronted with responsibility, racial discrimination and personal endeavours which are easily dichotomised by introspections to coincide with mainstream forms of life that are portrayed by the media. It is an intricate process that should not hinder finding its true significant to foster a stronger sense of self and position in this world. Becoming accustomed to our physical surroundings and family is depicted by Peter Skzynecki’s poetic suite, Immigrant chronicle, wherein the poems “Feliks Skrzynecki” and “10 Mary Street,” clarify the need to assimilate in order to feel a sense of belonging in the new world to which they migrated to. Despite the contextual disparity, the picture book Stolen girl, by Trina Saffioti and Norma MacDonald emphasise the fundamental need to cherish a family memory in order to belong to new surroundings.

The migration challenge faced by Skryznecki depicts the way we can adapt to our physical surrounding and family to find our sense of belonging through life’s challenges. The poem from Immigrant Chronicle, entitled “Felix Skrzynecki” highlights the...
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