Being a Vegetarian

Topics: Nutrition, Veganism, Vegetarianism Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Argumentative Essay
Yoo Ra Park

Plan C
1. Introduction: the increasing annual amount consumption of meat per person Thesis statement: vegetarianism is positive idea for the problem 2. Counter argument#1 + Pro argument #1 to refute it

3. Counter argument#2 + Pro argument #2 to refute it
-omnivorous humans / enough nutrients from vegetables
4. Counter argument#3 + Pro argument #3 to refute it
-ignorance of animals’ quality of life / barbaric techniques to kill animals 5. Counter argument#4 + Pro argument #4 to refute it
-a right to kill animals / respectfulness to animals
6. Conclusion (summary + recommendation+ prediction)
Ex) Daily meal plan

Vegetarianism is beneficial to human health and the environment

According to a statistic that shows the amount of meat that an American consumes per capita annually, the total of 76 kilograms in 1970 increased to the total of 84 kilogram, which is a huge growth (Bloch, 2009). As people want more meat nowadays, the astonishing amounts of animals are killed in a lot of cruel ways to maintain the fresh and tender condition of the meat. Moreover, eating a bunch of meat is harmful to one’s health due to the large amounts of cholesterol and fat which can trigger cardiac diseases. At this point, it is undeniable that we should be concerned about our eating habits for animals’ genocide and our own health. The public in general tends to believe that vegetarianism is the key solution for the arising issue. Although it is generally agreed today that meat should be one of the major food that humans consume because eating meat is natural, humans are omnivorous, animals are not aware of their quality of life, a vegetarian diet is too expensive, we should accept that vegetarianism is beneficial in many ways since we should respect animals, other foods can substitute the nutrients in meat, techniques to kill animals are barbaric, and most importantly, a...
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