Being a Carpenter

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  • Published : May 16, 2011
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The topic on which this paper will be is carpentry. This paper will include many facts of carpentry, and ways to become a carpenter. This paper will also inform how much the earnings are in your region/area. These writings will also include what a carpenter is and does. In addition, the paper includes the working conditions and hours of a carpenter. The focus will be on the career of a carpenter and the three ways to obtain necessary training.

Being a carpenter entails several work activities. Some of the common work activities are controlling machines and processors. One of the things a carpenter also does is study blue prints. Another thing carpenters do is layout, measure, and cut wood. Carpenters do all of their work with their hands. Carpenters also repair and inspect damaged parts of buildings and structures. If you’re a carpenter you need to perform activities that use your whole body and your imagination. Carpenters also need to be able to teach others and estimate sizes. Polishing and finishing wood is also a skill carpenters should have (“Carpenters”). Therefore these are most of the things that a carpenter does. A carpenter faces very tough work conditions. Some of these working conditions include mostly working outdoors or indoors without air conditioning or heat. These working conditions are also very cramped and you are always exposed to chemical fumes and solvents. When you’re a carpenter you will also always be exposed to high places by climbing up ladders to roofs of houses which you’re fixing. Carpenters are exposed to loud noises which can be annoying and uncomfortable. If your measurements are not exact, someone may become injured. Carpenters may get back, arms, or leg problems due to repeating the same physical activity repeatedly. They also need to work more days and more hours in the summer when the weather is good. One bad thing about carpenters is that they usually need to work weekends in order...
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