Beijing Case Answers

Topics: Olympic Games, 2008 Summer Olympics, Summer Olympic Games Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: October 9, 2011

1. The Beijing Olympic organizers had classified the business requirements into categories. For information collection and monitoring, tools like photo-finish cameras, computers and GPS in boats are used to identify winners accurately. People were able to watch the Olympics through online videos, read news and commentaries on the Internet and etc., so disseminating information to the world made possible. EC also helped in managing tickets and souvenirs; tickets were available for online purchases, and protection against counterfeiting was provided. Visitors were also able to buy their souvenirs online. Online purchases were made available for food/supplies management. Video cameras were used for security and privacy purposes, and for transportation control. And lastly, for social interactions, bloggers were encouraged to blog, twitter was used effectively and etc. 2. Basically, online direct marketing models like online ticket sales and souvenir shops are examples for B2C activities in this case. However, when we consider the broader definition of the EC, which is servicing customers, collaborating with business partners and conducting electronic transactions within an organization as well as buying and selling goods, we can relate nearly all the EC solutions in this case to B2C or B2B activities. The main aim of the organizers is servicing to customers, so the EC solutions like monitoring information, launching online clips, providing security and etc. can be considered as B2C activities. On the other hand, electronic collaboration among IT companies, using software applications to support the management of the games, food supplies and other business related activities can be considered as B2B activities. 3. Selling tickets and souvenirs online, and online food supplies are examples for ‘online direct marketing’ business model. This model is widely used and in Beijing Olympics, it helped to reach more people and organize the...
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