Behind the Scenes Tour of PMBOK Guide 5th Edition

Topics: Project management, Management, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge Pages: 5 (1541 words) Published: March 20, 2013
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Without any background of project management, I have gained a lot of knowledge after this presentation. I learn the basic conception of project management. Moreover, I learn the “get stared” mindset concept, the importance of communication skills, time control, the personal capacity in the project management and so on. So in the following paragraphs, I am going to present all of these in detail.

Mr. Tsui introduced the behind the scenes tour of PMBOK Guide 5th edition according to his own experience. The whole process of editing the 5th guide of project management body of knowledge was divided into six scenarios, which including form committee and team, review and refine draft, internal review and update draft, public review and update draft, recommend for final approval, and the last is the final approval of finished standard. During these steps, input, tools and techniques, outputs were used in every process for every knowledge area. As the project team was tasked with updating and enhancing a guide to the project management body of knowledge, the guest then analyzed the core differences between the 4th and 5th editions of PMBOK, which were mainly in chapter 10 and chapter 13. The entire project was always time-limited, and a lot of expertise with years of work experience from a variety of domains participated in it. Mr. Tsui concluded several lessons learned, such as lessons related to teamwork, project experiences, work to achieve consensus, importance of planning, etc. Although I am not familiar with project management and have no sense of PMBOK before listening to this lecture, I really learn a lot and reflect a lot.

Firstly, what interests me most is one new conception used in the new edition. From the comparison between the 5th edition and the previous one, actually they didn’t do much modification in the core body, I find that they did a lot of work in adding a new process at the very beginning of several chapters to have a “get started” mindset. It is a very important concept. Although at the very beginning of the project, the team should have already a clear mind of the principle of the whole process and even the aims of each detailed step, it is still necessary to strength the main idea of certain core parts, at the same time, with the changes of situations which cannot be predicted, they can do the coordinated actions. In the feedbacks and reflections, the judgment of this kind of action is also in two parts: one is that the “get started” conception is useful; the other is that it causes time and employee wasting. In my opinion, it is worth to do so. As the project lasted for over two years based on the timeline provided by Mr. Tsui in his presentation, in such a long time, it happens that they might lose track. So in this situation, a clear aim is of importance when starting a new step. One correct...
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