Behind the Burqa Essay

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  • Published : April 20, 2009
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Raechel Ruesch2/14/08
Behind the Burqa Essay
If you lived in a country that never let you have the sun rays shine on your face or even never let you leave the house with Man that wasn’t related to you. Would you rebel or fall back like every other woman, who was sacred and just waiting for someone to set an example of courage and give them there idea to leave and be free. Many women in Islam didn’t have the power to rebel or even try to stand up for themselves; the consequences were way too severe. The story of Behind the Burqa by Batya Swift Yasgur is about to young women seeking to rebel Islamic rule and religion. Sulima and Hala had contrasted views on the religion but similar views on the schooling in Islam. First off Sulima and Hala agreed on this, people in general needed to be more educated about what’s going on in not just the detention centers, but in the US, being able to read English as well to support themselves because women, in Islam, were treated inferior to men, it made them more willing to take a risk and start learning to better educate themselves. Sulima Had started a little rebellion against the men by teaching women out of her home how to read and write. There were only a very select few women who agreed to this rebel reading group. Hala’s way for rebelling was starting a multi-gender school for younger children in Islam. They are both similar because in big ways was Sulima and Hala both improving the learning abilities of the people and children around them. However, Sulima and Hala contrasted in their views on Islam regarding the Religion in Islam. Sulima over all has a very negative and very upsetting time with her religion. It all started when her own father made a trip to Mecca only to take pictures but when he returned he was a hardcore believe and over an activist now. The first real sign of her father now being an activist was when Sulima’s Burqa had fallen off her head and her father...
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