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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Intimate Partner Violence
Jorge A. Colon Jr.
Kaplan University
CM107 - 23AU

The Oregon Coalition against Domestic and Sexual violence defines domestic violence as: “a pattern of Coercive tactics that can include physical, psychological, sexual, economic, and emotional abuse, perpetrated by one person against an intimate partner, with the goal of establishing and maintaining power and control.” (ocadsv). Intimate partner violence is a problem seldom spoken of in public; women have suffered for decades if not centuries in relative silence. Recently, within the last century, women have gotten help from social services and community activism. But women aren’t the only victims. Although men, women and entire families have been victims of intimate partner violence, also called domestic violence, men face a biased system, rarely report being abused and often do not know where to go to find help.(menweb) Traditionally in the US when people hear of intimate partner violence or domestic violence, their minds picture a woman with bruises caused by her abusive husband, but this is not always the case; often, the man is the victim not the abuser. Men often do not see the abuse they are enduring due to the fact that it’s not always physical. Emotional abuse occurs as well. This may take different forms from withholding affection as a form of punishment to accusing the victim of being the abusive partner, or even threatening to take the children away from the victim. Men often feel shame as if they are being held hostage in their relationship and are afraid to leave and be on their own again, often without their kids. (ocasdv)

Due to social stigmata men rarely report being abused by their wives and girlfriends. “According to the charity (Amen), “Male victims come from all walks of life, are often not believed because they are men. They may become depressed, feel suicidal and sometimes they take their own lives.’” A 2005...
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