Behavior and Communication: Walt Disney

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  • Published : April 6, 2012
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Behavior and Communication
Walt Disney opened his company in the 1920’s. Mr. Disney grew his business in the beliefs that the Walt Disney Company would be the “world’s leading producer and provider of entertainment and information”. (, 2011) The culture of this organization follows those beliefs, being the world’s best. The executives and employees produce the quality movies that his company is best known for. Yet, Walt Disney is so much more than that. This company has powerful business strategies and practices that have withstood the changes of television and cinematography. Walt Disney has instilled excellence in its leadership, improving the teams within the company. The communication that Walt Disney uses internally and externally plays a vital role in “coordinating a single voice” for the company. (Corporation, 2011) In using the concept of one voice communication, Disney can “implement strategies for sustaining a positive image”. (Corporation, 2011) Due to the fast-changing media, keeping everyone informed of the different changes and on the same page, so to speak, is important for the constant growth of the company. Communication is important for this type of culture. Walt Disney must provide its customers with the information of how the company should provide its services to the public. When a company is as successful as Walt Disney and promises to provide quality information, communication between the employees and management is essential. Keeping communication lines open with the external entities, such as investors and potential customers or visitors, is done though media and other written materials. The espoused values of the Walt Disney Company do align with the enacted values carried out by the employees. Walt Disney provides a “seamless magical experience” to their guests, as well as other services and consumer products. (Disney, 2008) The employees of Walt Disney provide the services to the public to fulfill the goals set forth...
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