Beginning the Evening with a Bit of Ultra-Violence

Topics: A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick, Malcolm McDowell Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Violet Hamlet
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10 April 2013
Beginning the Evening With a Bit of Ultra-Violence
The movie A Clockwork Orange touches on rather interesting topics such as the corruption of government and our society and also the reoccurring theme of sex and violence. The film could be considered a classic of the adolescent vs society. The brutal violence and some rape scenes are a bit much but are done in a way to help the theme and idea of the film as a whole. In 1971, Stanley Kubrick uses first person narrative to shows the inside clockwork of a young boy (Alex; played by Malcolm McDowell) and how he manipulates the world around him for his twisted violent pleasures, in the movie A Clockwork Orange. Kubrick uses many creative ways in score, symbolism, and themes thought the film to portray to the audience on how the mind of young Alex and society works. For most of the score in A Clockwork Orange, Kubrick uses excerpts of Beethoven’s work for. He primarily focuses of Beethoven’s 9th symphony. As the film goes on, one will notice that when Alex begins to frolic in violence or when we see him engaging in sexual behavior, Beethoven beings to play in the background. The scene in which Alex and is comrades are breaking into Miss Weatherly’s building is an example for the music being played as he’s committing his twisted pleasure. In this scene, we begin to hear Beethoven’s 9th playing softly as he is creeping about and trying to enter. When Alex finally confronts Miss Weatherly and Alex is becoming violent, chasing Miss Weatherly with a folic statue, the music grows louder as if to fuel his violence. They are two scenes that Alex hears Beethoven’s 9th and he then becomes violent and/or sexual. After the first nights twisted jaunt when with his other ruffians are in the milk bar, a woman begins to sing Beethoven. Right away Alex relays to his audience, in few words, that the song the woman is singing is making him rather aroused. The next night after his...
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