Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver

Topics: Suicide, Suicide methods, Walking Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: December 16, 2012
During a school day on February 12th, Samantha Kingston was invited to Kent's, a former friend, party. At the party, Juliet Sykes confronts some menacing words to Samantha, Lindsey, Elody, and Ally. Juliet Sykes is not very well liked by the group of best friends, mainly loathed by Lindsay. In response to Juliet's comment, the girls throw beer at her to embarrass her. Juliet exits the home after this incident. Juliet plans to kill herself after leaving the party. On the way home, intoxicated Lindsey decides to escort her and her other three friends' home. Suddenly, there's a flash of white. There had been a car accident. Samantha Kingston is dead. Samantha wakes up the next morning. Her day starts over exactly how it been the same way on Friday, February 12th. She relives the day of her death seven times until she finally discovers why she was given the chance.

Lindsay had never explained why she hated Juliet Sykes. During one of the last days of Samantha's resurrection, she tries to speak to Juliet. Samantha not only tried to stop Juliet from committing suicide, but ask why there is conflict between Juliet and Lindsay. Juliet explains Lindsay's dark past, which ruined Juliet's social life. It also lead to years of bullying, then soon led to suicide. On the final day of Samantha's revival, she understands the reason of her reliving the Friday of February 12th. She learns the consequences of her actions, and begins to develop a self-aware type of attitude. When she dies for the last time, she wants to be remembered in a good way. She is also given the chance to receive some closure in life. On this last day, she knows what she must do in order to make things right. After Juliet's annotation, she left the party to walk home. Samantha was following behind her until she got close enough to talk to Juliet. When she caught up with Juliet, down the road was Lindsay in her car. Juliet stood the middle of the road in hopes of getting hit by the car. As the...
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