Beet Root Experiment

Topics: Cell membrane, Boiling, Water Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Biology Experiment
Absorbance of Beet Root
Sarah Hsu Y 11 Hope

The beetroot experiment is to investigate and understand the affect different temperatures have on cell membrane structures.

The higher the temperature is, the higher the rate of absorbance of the cell membrane will be.

Controlled Variables| Independent Variables| Dependent Variables| The length of the beetroot placed into the test tube.| The temperature of the water bath.| The absorbance of the cell membrane of the beetroot.| Time placed into the hot water bath after the beetroot was placed.| | | Amount of distilled water added into the test tube.| | | Time the distilled water was placed into the hot water bath before the beetroot was placed.| | |

1. Collect 3 beetroot cores from the beaker provided. Cut 3 2cm sections of core for your trail for the temperature assigned to your group. Put your 2cm sections into a test tube with plenty of distilled water. 2. Add exactly 5cm3 of distilled water to a test tube and place your test tube in the water bath for 5minutes to equilibrate to the temperature of the water bath. 3. Remove the beetroot cores from the distilled water and blot gently on a paper towel. 4. Place a 2cm beetroot core into the test tube and leave it in the water bath for 30minuites. 5. After 30minutes, shake the test tube gently to make sure any pigment is well mixed into the water, and then remove the beetroot cores from the test tube. 6. Pour a third of the beetroot water into a, and place it into the colorimeter. 7. Record readings.

8. Repeat steps 2 to 7 two more times.

1. A beetroot
2. A cutter
3. A ruler
4. 3 x 25mL test tube
5. Hot water bath
6. Distilled water
7. Paper towel
8. 1 x 50mL beaker

Temperature (°C)| Absorbance (%)| Average Absorbance (%)| | Trail 1| Trail 2| Trail 3| |
32.0| 0.129| 0.157| 0.137|...
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