Becoming a Man

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To be a man in 2013 means many different things. It means a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. Men have very many responsibilities that no other creature on this earth have. They also have a lot of freedom. They can use this freedom in a positive way or a negative way. People in 2013 look up to men and they are role models for kids, mothers, and everything else. This is tough because men have the option to be a good, loving father figure or a mean, reckless person. The good man is a role model, leader, and treats his family, friends, and others with respect. The bad man had no sense of respect towards women, friends, and family. He doesn’t respect mother nature and is not a role model for other kids. These are many of the tough decisions a man has to make in the year of 2013.

As for me, I am looking forward to many different things on the path to becoming a man. I am looking forward to settling down, getting a job, and finding my soulmate. As a teenager, life is very hectic and crazy on a daily basis. We have many events and activities and rarely have the time to relax. I am looking forward to becoming a man because I feel I will have more time to do this. The next thing I am looking forward to is getting a job. This may not sound very fun, but I am looking forward to working and finding something that I will do everyday and have fun doing it. The final thing I’m excited for is finding my soulmate. This includes finding my perfect wife, spending every moment together, and eventually becoming a wonderful father. I want to be a leader and a role model for my kids. I want them to want to be like me when they grow up. I want to have immense amounts of respect for my friends, family, and others. And I also want them to feel the same way towards me. This would be my ideal life. I look up to my mom because this description above fits her perfectly. She is a single mom who has raised me from the bottom and respected all friends and family from the beginning....
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