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My Paul Mitchell Entrance Essay: First Draft
Jessica B. Teal
15 MAR 2012
Entrance Essay

Paul Mitchell Entrance Essay
I could make this essay as cliché as they come and talk about how being a single mother is so challenging, about how boot camp was so hard, or how a bad divorce changed my views on everything in my life… but instead, I’ll appreciate all of those things, and grasp my goals from a different challenge. That challenge is: loss. Some of my biggest goals were awknowledged through the death of my best friend, which in turn led me to this road at Paul Mitchell St. Louis. All of the above mentioned have shaped me, and for that I am grateful, however, the person who helped me realize my dreams of pursing art through cosmetology is no longer here, and with her is where my goals began, and my promise is fullfilled. Before I explain my goals, disappointments and accomplishments, let me give you a brief explanation of my best friend. Her name was Amber Morris, I called her battle, as she called me too. We met in boot camp in 2006, hence the nickname, and were inseperable - literally. She was more than a best friend, she was my sister. She moved everywhere I did, married when I did, we had babies 3 months apart, planned for school together, divorced at the same time, fought eachother over everything and loved eachother more than we knew how to do any of our fighting. Two weeks before Feburary 19, 2010 we had a fight over my spontaneous choices. After her divorce she moved back home to Iowa, got enrolled in Iowa School of Beauty, got her own place and started really living. I however was not as decisive. I wanted to travel and only live for daily experiences… not really work towards long lasting goals. I needed instant gratification to make me happy. She only wanted the best for my daughter, Emmalie, and I. I saw her as just being judgemental of my latest decision to randomly visit Europe and I became defensive. Then the...
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