Beauty Contest and Young Girls

Topics: Beauty contest, Beauty, Culture Pages: 4 (1390 words) Published: May 9, 2013
In today’s popular culture, the media as well as society have played a pivotal role in the way individuals not only perceive themselves, but others as well. The pursuit of beauty, for instance, has affected women for some time now. The media, society, and their sub consciousness taunt women day and night. It seems today as if women will stop at nothing towards achieving what the media perceives as beautiful. Pop culture has even begun to affect young girls today. Pageantry has tainted the way young girls perceive themselves as well. Skip Hollandsworth’s “Toddlers in Tiaras” article addresses the impact that pageantry has prevented young girls from experiencing a normal childhood and becoming hyperconscious about their physicality. In addition, pop culture today has taken a toll on the way young girls perceive themselves. Stephanie Hanes’s “Little Girls of Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect” addresses the effects that these epitomized fictional characters have on young females. Today the issue of self-image through the influence of pop culture has greatly influenced the way individuals look at themselves, particularly younger women. This issue has been prevalent for some time now but is now having a bigger impact in young girls today. This deprives them from the opportunity to live a normal childhood and grow as a person of character rather than a person primarily focused on looks. Hollandsworth’s article claims that if young girls forcibly participate in pageantry, they will be prone to growing self-conscious and wary of themselves. Hollandsworth uses an ethical approach towards supporting his claim. He compares pageantry to that of sexual exploitation. These young, frail, girls are being taught to value physique rather than inner beauty, which is morally wrong. Children need to understand the value of feelings and self-worth rather than worry about what the public wants. Hanes claims that idolized fictional characters such as that of the Disney Princess...
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