Beauty and the Beast Cultural Anthropology Comparison

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Cultural Anthropology
Fairy Tale: The Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty &; the Beast

Fairy tales are short stories which are read to children with the mission of giving them an important message that they will use at some point in their lives. Different values and beliefs are experienced through the stories of different princess’, monsters and heroes which give the children the idea that they may encounter a similar experience during their childhood. Later in live, adults go through different phases of life where they get the chance to solve problems and live life in the same way that the hero from the kids fairy tale did. Many of the fairy tales these days have been produced by Walt Disney studios to give the people the experience of visual messages through children stories. One of my favorite fairy tales of all times is “The Beauty and the Beast” by Madame Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve in 1740, produced by Walt Disney studios in 1991. The story gives a new outlook to different values and beliefs of what people experience throughout everyday life. This fairy tale takes a look at a story about a girl named Belle. Belle is a French girl (French for "beautiful,") who lives in a nearby village with her father, Maurice, who is an inventor. Belle is seen as an odd girl since she is someone who enjoys the achievement of knowledge through different story books. Her father, Maurice, after finishing his new invention, decides to travel to the invention fair to show his wood chopping machine. On the way, he gets lost and ends up at the beast’s castle where he becomes the beast’s prisoner. Belle goes to look for her father and after she finds him, she offers to become the prisoner instead of her dad since he is in a very bad state of health. The beast is a French prince with a spell upon him. The beast must find true love in order for the spell to be broken. He must not only love someone, but be loved in return as well and then the...
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