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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Inner Beauty VS Physical Appearance
Inner Beauty VS Physical Appearance

Demetria Young
English Composition

Demetria Young
Comp 1 Essay

“Eww He/She is Ugly!” Everyone has their own way of defining beauty. What exactly is beauty? According to the Article Inner Beauty, The author defines Inner beauty as positive aspects of something that are not physically visible. According to another article Physical Appearance and Stereotyping, the author defined physical appearance as “Physical appearance is considered one of the most important criteria by which to measure a person's worth. While always a consideration no matter what the situation, when involved in the dating game the entire physical package is judged. It's not just the outer decorative trappings of clothing, jewelry, scent and make-up up for review but the body's physique.” ("") I personally define Inner beauty as to how a person look on the inside, and is a person’s way of being, basically a person’s attitude. Inner Beauty is when a person has a beautiful soul. A person who has inner beauty will give you everything and will not expect anything back. They are always putting others first. “The most common qualities of inner beauty include kindness, sensitivity, tenderness, compassion, creativity and intelligence.” ("") When it comes to looking for a relationship or finding a significant other, a person may prefer inner beauty before physical appearance simply because it’s not about how a person look on the outside it’s about a person’s insides. I have several friends who choose a person’s inner beauty before choosing the way a person looks. I believe a person’s inner beauty is everything. Physical appearance is basically the looks. I define physical beauty as a person’s figure, basically the way their body is shaped, and the way their face looks. To me having physical beauty is basically having a cute face, being either slim/thick, personal hygiene, and keeping the...
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