Topics: Obesity, Surgery, Physical exercise Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Society and Beauty
The media constantly bombards society with unrealistic body types encouraging people, especially women, to try to look like celebrities. Nowadays, people tend to spend money to change their image by having plastic surgery, taking weight loss pills, and doing exercise. Instead of beauty being in the eye of the beholder, it is more like beauty is in the eye of society. Of course, when viewers look at television, the media sets the cameras up so that people can look like they are really beautiful and have a nice shape, but in reality, some are really not as hot as you think they are. First, there are different types of plastic surgery that can be done to enhance a person’s looks such as facial liposuction, abdominal liposuction, and buttock argumentation. Facial liposuction can help provide a person with a thinner, more attractive, and younger look. Abdominal liposuction helps with removing that excess fat around the stomach, so they can have a flat stomach. The buttock argumentation is a surgical procedure to increase the size and shape of a person’s butt. The abdominal and buttock surgery is really popular because there are numerous of women who love to wear bikini bathing suits and want to show their figure or just had a baby and cannot get rid of the access fat. For example, in the celebrity industry, Tamar Braxton who has a reality show on We TV with her sister’s name, “The Braxton’s Family Values stated she had plastic surgery on her nose which is called Rhinoplasty. As stated in the article, “They emphasize results but do not show much of the cost, recovery and potential risks ‘(Mehta 3). Second, weight loss pills also play a significant role in society today because there are some people who want to change their lifestyle, whether it is for health reasons or to lose weight to change their overall image. Weight loss pills are less costly and can work well when a strict diet and exercise is followed. Phentermine and Lipozene are examples of...
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