Topics: Meaning of life, By the Way, Aesthetics Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Stephanie Carbajal 
English 116 
Marsha Rutter 
October 02, 2012 
Beauty is a strong word that could be defined in many possible ways. Not only can we say that a person is beautiful, but also nature could qualify as beauty and many other things. Beauty for me is anything that attracts my attention in any way. Though, beauty doesn't mean the same thing for everyone. For some people beauty is only physical beauty for others is nature, for other beauty is only in paintings but at the end everyone has one thing in common, we all value beauty. Beauty could be find anywhere in this world.    What I qualify beauty as is inner and outside beauty in people. Also nature, when I see those really green grass makes them look beautiful or when it’s snowing up in the mountains it graves my attention. Colorful things as paintings or any other colorful things that grab my attention even if they are weird I will qualify them as beauty. Mainly everything is beauty including feelings. Feelings are beauty because they express many things and you could express them by writing, painting, drawing, talking them out, or any other creative way. I could continue going on describing what beauty actually means to me but many people in this world would disagree or maybe agree with me regarding what beauty stands for. And it’s valid that everyone has a different opinion about beauty. I value beauty a lot because for me is what we see more in this world.   What society describes beauty as is “by the color of our skin, our eyes, our shape, and our appearance." Is beauty really as society qualifies it as?  According to an article on the web page "na-klectic" what beauty really stands for is "beauty is not created by facial and body alterations or based upon cosmetics, clothing etc. Beauty is a gift from God" What this article is trying to say that beauty is a gift from God is LIFE. Life is the most beautiful thing that has ever happen to anyone in this world not only people but as...
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