Beautiful People Are Happier

Topics: English-language films, Friendship, Personal life Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Does beautiful people have better lives? Are they more privileged, and does this make them happier? Happiness depends on a few elements: close friendships, love, satisfaction with work.. But there are theories that claims there are also some elements people don't want to admit because they are considered as superficial. Is the feeling of being attractive one of them? There are studies that shows being blessed with good look opens the door to a better life. We see the benefits already in the childhood: teachers think good-looking pupils are "smarter and more sociable", so they have better grades. After in life, beautiful people are more likely to be hired and they earn more money, and according to commonly opinion, success is key for happiness. Moreover, they can easier attract a mate they like, and have a good relationship.

On the other hand, these benefits don't guarantee happiness. Beauty can lead to arrogance, and others of course don't like to be around ridged people. Some friends might be jealous, and there is big possibility you have a fake friends who just like being around beautiful and popular person. What is more, you can be considered as stupid and superficial, only because of yours good look.

One expert said: "Beautiful people are perhaps a little bit happier, but not as much as we might imagine, given all their advantages." My opinion is that prettier people take their good-look for granted, so it doesn't make them happier, while if you don’t like the way you look, it can be a real downer.
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