Beatles Impact on America

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  • Published : April 26, 2011
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It was 47 years ago, when The Beatles step foot in America and changed the course of music and history forever. Within the triangle of the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s (sex, drugs, music), it is easy to establish the fact that music was the very pinnacle of it all. The rock ’n’ roll music of the 1960’s was very appealing to all teenagers around the world and no other music group than The Beatles influenced the world as much as they. Unknown at the time, these four young men from Liverpool ultimately affected the course of pop culture and music in America, beginning with their 1964 visit. Each member was born in the midst of World War II; John Lennon and Ringo Starr in 1940, Paul McCartney in 1942, and George Harrison, the youngest of the group, in 1943.

John, Paul, George, and Ringo were working-class guys with no formal music education. Yet their music were changing the world. The birth of Beatlemania was in 1964 and influenced America and the world to fall in love with them. They offered the first real ray of sunshine since the assassination of President Kennedy, and were a much needed distraction to the morose melancholy of the "cold war." Despite the screaming, fainting fans and frenzy for the Fab Four, they were not like the musical heartthrobs who came before them. Along with their fun, original attitudes and flashy musical taste, the Beatles brought and established in America, their own political opinions as well, most prominently their anti-war viewpoints. The Beatles were not only appreciated in America as the most popular and successful band of the 1960s (and are still today) but also influenced the American political and social culture of the 1960s by their avid promotion of peace, love, freedom, and anti-war activity. Not only did the Beatles sing about love, freedom, peace, and anti-war relations; more than anything, they sang to give optimism. The Beatles songs proved to be so popular because they were generally positive and cheerful songs. The...
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