Beatles Drug Use

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The Beatles and Their Hidden Drug References
Were the songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles hidden drug references due to them living in the sixties and seventies when drug use was very common? The songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles are some of the best songs ever written, but to many people’s surprise The Beatles have hidden references to drugs like marijuana, acid, heroin, LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), and cocaine. Both Paul McCartney and John Lennon have had problems with drugs throughout their lives with Paul McCartney actually being jailed in Japan when a half pound of marijuana was found in his luggage in the customs of an airport in Japan (BBC. Beatles Drug Use). Songs like: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Got to get you in my Life, Day Tripper, Happiness is a Warm Gun, With a Little Help From my Friends, Helter Skelter and countless others all had supposed drug references.

Both Paul McCartney and John Lennon who wrote most of The Beatles songs have both admitted to taking drugs. McCartney has done heroin, cocaine and smoked marijuana and John Lennon took heroin, did cocaine and also smoked marijuana (BBC. Beatles Drug Use). Both had problems with drugs and both were arrested for marijuana related charges. John Lennon’s second wife, Yoko Ono, also had been charged with him for the same crime of possession of Marijuana (Times. John Lennon fined £150 on drug charge). John Lennon was also an advocate for Marijuana. Some believe that was the reason for his murder (David Malmo-Levine. Was John Lennon Killed for his Pot Activism?). Paul McCartney was the first member of The Beatles to openly talk about taking LSD or acid even though he was reluctant to try it at first. The first to try LSD was John Lennon in his cup of coffee at a dinner party at the house of fellow band member George Harrison. George Harrison and John Lennon soon deliberately experimented with the drug and on one occasion they were joined by Ringo Starr (BBC. Beatles Drug Use). The Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, also had problems with drugs and he also died of a drug over dose. The Beatles and everyone close to them have experimented with drugs which makes it easy to believe that The Beatles songs contained hidden drug references in them.

A couple of The Beatles songs were banned by United States media as well as British media for advocating drug use or sexually explicit lyrics. One of the songs that were banned for drug advocacy was With a Little Help from my Friends (Beatles Bible. The Beatles and Drug Use). It was banned by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) because they were believed to be about drugs. Also A day in the life which talked about smoking and drinking while Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds had the obvious LSD drug reference in the title of the song were also banned (Deitz Corey. The Clear Channel Banned Songs List).

The song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is said to have a very obvious drug reference due to the name. The three nouns in the title spell out LSD which is acid or a hallucinogen drug that causes open and closed eye visuals synaesthesia, and altered sense of time and spiritual experiences (Wikipedia contributors. Lysergic acid diethylamide). John Lennon who wrote the song at first said it wasn’t a drug reference, and that he didn’t even notice that the three nouns together spell out LSD. He denied the drug reference by saying the song was titled Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds because his son came home from school one day with a painting and when John Lennon asked his son what it was a picture of, John Lennon’s son said, “It’s Lucy in the sky with diamonds.” Lucy was a girl in his class. It was later revealed that the girls name was Lucy Vodden née O'Donnell after she was dying of Lupus. She died in 2009 (Peter Wilkinson. `Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds` Dies).

The entire first verse of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds sounds like someone is high on acid or...
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