Be Brave to Take the First Step

Topics: Bungee jumping, Anxiety, Macau Tower Pages: 3 (1252 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Be brave to take the first step
I have an unforgettable experience which is very special for me last year. My cousins and I went to Macau——a combination of east and west cultural city. We have long heard of the famous challenge project there from TV. It said Macau has a great challenge project integrating recreation, challenge, adventure and stimulation, which is 233 meters high from the Macau tower called bungee jumping. We went directly to the Macau tower as soon as we arrived at Macau. During the way on the bus, my heart's beating faster, I expected to jump very much, while at the same time I felt a little afraid and worried. The tower was really very high, it seemed to be scraping the skies. You could even see the almost Macau if reached its top. There are two main floors in the whole tourism tower, the 58th floor was for indoor sightseeing and the 61th floor was for outdoor sightseeing and play thrilling games such as bungee. When I recognised how high the tower was, I can't help shuddering and felt more frightened . We wen up by electrical elevator, it rose at a speed of 5 meters per second, my cousins told me that’s the world’s fastest elevator speed. We came to the 61th floor firstly, “OMG”,you know what, the ground is made of crystal clear glass. A gust of wind blowed to us, and mixed with some little rain. You can imaged what a terrible scene at that time. What we could do if there was an accident! I was really nervous and my hands tightly hold guard bar. There was a voice in my heart“I can not jump, it’s so high and terrible!” I want to quit! But there came a foreigner girl who had already prepared to jump. She seemed 20 years old, and jump calmly with smile. Even though she said nothing to me, I got great encouragement from her. And my cousins inspired me “the goal we come here is to challenge ourselves, and it will be a pity if coming with out jumping”. Yes, they were right, I should be confidence with myself and bravely overcome my...
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