Bcm110 - Album Design Synopsis

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“It’s the dream, the passion, the success that makes the paper worthy of chasing…” “Melien paper chase” is an album designed for those Hip Hop fans that are willing to adapt to a new style of rap music performance, DJ cross MC performed by the one artist/DJ. Hence the space theme that portrays the style and technique possessed by the artist differing from other artists.

The space theme concept was chosen for this album in order to signify the “out of this world” description to highlight the skills and technique Dee Flo posseses. This space theme concept was inspired by Kid Cudi’s two albums, “Man on the moon” and “Man on the moon II”. (image 1 and 2 below) Both of Kid Cudi’s albums had a spacey theme which was very dreamy, mysterious and can be easily identified by viewers that it is not earth, giving the idea to use space to describe the skills and difference of the artist from others. However, Kid Cudi’s two albums is based on a serious subject. Therefore, instead of going too serious on the subject, the focus point was decided to be about hustling for money in life with a sci-fi effect which tones down the seriousness in the subject and on the same token still be able to deliver the message to the fans with a different spice. Kanye West’s album “Graduation” (image 3 – below) was another inspiring album cover art work. It also had a spacey theme, rather than using stars to outline space, Kanye used cartoon animation and a cartoon character that represents himself which inspired the use of the combined effect of animation and real images which fitted right into the foucs point that was decided upon.

image 4.

image 5.

image 6.

The word “Melien” is a combination of the two words “Melbourne” and “alien” which describes the artist “Dee Flo’s” origin and the unique techinique he acquires and can further describe Dee Flo’s aim to introduce himself along side the space theme concept. In terms of font choosing, I have...
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