Bbim602 Enterprise Strategy

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BBIM602 Enterprise STRATEGY
Revision Session, 5 April 2013.


The exam is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 14 May 2013, 14-16.30. (Please check with the WBS Registry for any changes to exam schedule).

* The written exam will account for 40% of the final mark. * The exam is closed book.
* It consists of four questions each carrying 25 marks
* all questions must be answered
* question 1 relates to a small case study provided in the exam * questions 2-4 test various theoretical concepts and their application

How to prepare for the exam?

* You must have a clear understanding of ALL the material covered in your module, which includes lectures and seminars * Review past exam papers, which are posted on blackboard * Summer 2012

* Referral 2012
* See list of recommended revision topics.


You must have a clear understanding of all the material covered in your module. To help you with revision a list of recommended topics is given below:

* Information Strategy Triangle
* Business Strategy models
* Five Forces
* Three Generic Strategies
* Value Chain
* Hypercompetition model (DYB)
* Organisational Strategy models
* The Business Diamond
* Managerial Levers
* IS Strategy
* IS strategy matrix (hardware, software, networking, data) * Resource-based view (RVB)
* Comparison of Organizational structures and supporting technology * (hierarchical, flat, matrix and networked)
* Virtual Organizations
* Understanding of IT technology to support communication and collaboration * E-mail, intranet, IM, VOIP, RSS, FTP, Peer-to-peer
* Social networks, blogs, wikis, groupware
* Telecommuting and mobile work
* Virtual teams
* Relation between Strategy, Architecture and Infrastructure * Common IT architecture configurations
* Centralized...
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