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In which body of water is the French island of Corsica? In Australia, where is the state of New South Wales, in relation to the state of Victoria, north or south? What is the name of the famous suspension bridge in the USA, that links San Francisco to Marin County? In geography, the Davis Strait lies immediately between Canada and which island, Greenland or Iceland? What 'F' is the word meaning, to cut down trees? The word arboriculture is defined as the cultivation of what? In ancient Egypt, which "P" were worshipped as Kings and Gods? In which European country was the monarchy restored in 1975 after a lapse of 44 years? In which year did Ramsay MacDonald form the National Government in response to the Depression - 1931 or 1938? Which German leader said: "In starting and waging a war, it is not right that matters, but victory."? If a scooter travels at 20 miles per hour how many miles will it travel in half an hour? How much would your phone bill be if you made 100 calls at a cost of 4.4 pence each? In which Thomas Hardy novel does the central character fall in love with his cousin Sue Bridehead? The action of James Joyce's 1922 novel, 'Ulysses' is inspired by which classic text by Homer? Who wrote the 1729 satire 'A Modest Proposal' was it Jonathan Swift, John Dryden or Alexander Pope?

Mediterranean (Sea) North Golden Gate Bridge Greenland Fell Trees Pharaohs Spain 1931 Hitler 10 miles 440 pence or £4 and 40 pence Jude The Obscure The Odyssey Jonathan Swift

Which queen of Egypt did Elizabeth Taylor portray in the 1963 film 'Cleopatra'? Which species of mouse is Britain's smallest rodent? What type of animal is the pine marten - a bird or a mammal? How many legs does a crab have, including pincers? The pheasant originates from which continent? The kea is a parrot found only in which country? First seen in the 1928 cartoon, 'Steamboat Willie', what is the name of Walt Disney's famous cartoon mouse? Jung Chang's 1991 autobiography, entitled 'Wild Swans', was about growing up in which country? Is the rhinoceros native to Africa, Asia or both? In children's TV, which actor provided the narration for 'Trumpton' and 'Camberwick Green'? What C manufactured in the liver, is a waste product associated with the increased risk of heart disease? In anatomy, the digit of a foot is more commonly known as what? In the animal kingdom, which H means the emergence of young from an egg? Which word can mean both a bar that slides into a door to fasten it and a roll of fabric? According to the old expression 'familiarity breeds . . .' what?

Cleopatra Harvest Mammal Ten Asia New Zealand Mickey China Both Brian Cant Cholesterol Toe Hatching Bolt Contempt

Pi, sigma and gamma are letters in which ancient alphabet? In the 1972 film 'The Godfather', which actor played the role of Sonny, the eldest son of Marlon Brando? Which American actor played dance teacher Johnny Castle in the 1987 film 'Dirty Dancing'? Which American actor played the lead role of the mariner in the 1995 film 'Waterworld'? Which 'P' is a fashion style popular in the US in the 1970s, that imitated the dress of Ivy League students? Which fruit is used to flavour the drink Grenadine - plums or pomegranates? A frittata is what type of Italian egg dish? What name is given to young pilchards that are normally sold in tins? In the 1983 film 'Rumble fish' the actor who plays the older brother of Matt Dillon is 'Mickey…' who? Which principality is ruled by the House of Grimaldi? In motor transport, what do the initials SUV stand for? In geography, through which European country do the Rivers Loire and Seine flow? On which coast of Australia is the city of Sydney, east or west? In which US State is the famous Golden Gate Bridge? In geography, 'Baffin Bay' lies between Greenland and which continent?

Greek James Caan Patrick Swayze Kevin Costner Preppy Pomegranates Omelette Sardines Rourke Monaco Sports Utility Vehicle...
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