Battery Life Chemistry Project

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Science Fair PacketName_______________________________
Date ________________________Per_____


I. Science Fair Rationale:
Science Fair allows the science student a chance to do “real science”. Coursework provides science facts and formulas, but conducting a scientific investigation gives a student the practice in time management and the use of variables, research, observation and analytical skills that a student needs if interested in a career in a demanding field.

II. General Information:
In this course, you will have to do the following during 1st Semester. 1. Develop your own original idea for a scientific investigation (you must experimentally solve a problem using real data)

2. Conduct research that helps you develop a hypothesis
3. Plan experimental procedures using appropriate scientific methods
4. Gather necessary materials and complete any necessary forms in a timely manner.
5. Perform the experiment, taking photographs and collecting data
6. Organize and display your data
8. Analyze your data and draw conclusions
9. Compile a formal report summarizing your work.

All the while, you must keep an up-to-date logbook; turn in required papers and forms. By Dec. 2
submit a formal research paper summarizing your science fair project and research.

The following Science Fair-related work is OPTIONAL:
If you are asked to enter Duluth High’s Science Fair (December 7th), the benefits to you would include: * 1 point added to your final fall semester average if you enter the school science fair * 1 point to your final spring semester average for advancing to the district fair. Note: you must actually GO to the fair; not just be asked to go. * 1 point (additional) to your final spring semester average for advancing to the state fair.

III. Calendar
Parent LetterAug 16 5
Pre-Planning/Topic Worksheet with Annotated BibliographySept 1548
Experimental Plan/Outline WorksheetOct 4 35
Logbook Check #1Oct 18 20
Logbook Check #2 (Final Data with notarizations, and final pictures)Nov 10 20
Final Research Paper Dec 2 100

IV. In This Packet –
1 – Science Fair Project Information (this sheet)
2 – Parent Letter
3 – Pre-Planning/Topic Sheet
4 – Experimental Outline Sheet
5 – Logbook Check #1 Sheet
6 - Logbook Check #2 and How to Write a Research Paper
7 –Final Project Grading Sheet

Parent Letter - Science FairName_______________________________
Date Due __Aug 16__Per_____
Teacher Init: __________ Points: ______/5
Dear Parents:

Science Fair projects are required in all Honors level chemistry classes at Duluth High School. Honors level science students have shown promise and interest in advanced-level science classes and are encouraged to pursue careers in medicine, engineering and other highly-skilled and research-based fields. By allowing students to do the independent scientific research of their choice, we believe that our students gain insight to the scientific process (research, creative thought, experimental procedure, use of controls, analysis, etc) which is in many ways more important than learning scientific facts. We ask for your assistance in helping your child understand that this is part of the learning process that “cannot be taught out of textbooks”. To assist you, we have answered several frequently-asked questions…

I. Q – Can my child do the same project as he/she did in a previous year? (or one done by a relative or friend?) A – No, but a student may do a related project (complete with new research and new variables) if the instructor permits. It is essential that the student notify the instructor that he/she would like to do a related project prior to starting the project. II. Q – When is my child’s Science Fair Project due?

A – The...
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