Topics: Paul Gauguin, Art, Henri Matisse Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: February 12, 2013
The Javanese introduced a cultural and religious art in the 4th century called Batik that consisted of a cloth that was dyed and had designs that were formed from wax that resisted color dye. Batik over time became very well known in Asia and more and more people began to explore the old Javanese art form. Batik was used in very formal clothing and developed into very traditional and cultural wear. On the same side of the world, impressionist artist Paul Gauguin was inspired by the women and the landscape of Tahiti in the mid to late 1800s. He painted figures slightly obscured but proportionate. His paintings all had vivid colors and contrast; he depicted the country of Tahiti very beautifully and vibrantly. Gauguin’s artwork was not recognized publicly until after his death 1903. The Batik and works from Gauguin are to very different art pieces but the do share some slight similarities. Both have lasted through ages and are still imitated in today’s society.
The historical significance of the Batik and Paul Gauguin paintings are different in their time periods; Batik began early in the 4th century in Egypt and then developed in Asia in the 12th century. Paul Gauguin began impressionistic work in the 1800s after being inspired by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse then later moved in synthetism which became his most famous works. However, something that both art forms share is the located where they were developed. Both came out of very small Asian islands with very creative and skilled people. Gauguin was draw to the majestic beauty of the island of Tahiti, whereas Batik really took off through the Javanese cultural influence in Indonesia. The Batik and the paintings of Gauguin both derived from Asia just at different times. The process of the Batik is a process that takes more time and patience as you have to go step by step in order to come out with a crisp...
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