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Export Quantity Million pairs 49.22 52.05 62.19
Export Value Rs. in millions 19,308 20,962 26,073
Import Quantity Million pairs 2.37 2.75 4.54
Import Value Rs. in millions 386 414 654
Sales Value Rs. in millions 51,000 52,000 53,000
Market Size Rs. in millions 51,386 52,414 53,654
Rs. in millions 32,078 31,451 27,581
Source: .Industry Market Size & Shares. dated February 2005, Economic Intelligence Service

Key Milestones
Date/Year Event

1894 The Bata Shoe Organisation was founded by Tomas J. Bata, a ninth generation shoe maker
1931 The Company was incorporated in India.
1933 The production of footwear commenced in a rented premises at Konnagar, a few miles away from Kolkata, where for the first time rubber and canvas shoes were manufactured in India.
October 28,
The foundation stone was laid on land purchased from the Port Commissioners and small landowners in the outskirts of Kolkata and the first manufacturing unit was set up, at a place now known at Batanagar. The factory shifted from Konnagar to Batanagar.

1936 The construction work at the Batanagar factory was completed, and factory operation shifted from Konnagar to Batanagar. Towards the end of 1936, the factory produced leather footwear for the first time.

1937 Batanagar tannery became operational towards the end of 1937 1939 The Batanagar factory was complete in terms of every activity related to footwear. The Batanagar township grew to become self-sufficient with the acquisition of more land and the erection of schools, places of worship, hospitals, entertainment and recreational centres.

1940 . 45 During the World War II the factory’s production was geared to meet war requirements.
1942 A footwear manufacture plant, a machinery department was set up at Batanagar, which produced the first India-made major shoe machine. 31
Simultaneously, several auxiliary departments were started. This was followed by the setting up of the factory at Bataganj, Bihar. 1950 Bata successfully launched the brand .Hawai..
1951 The rubber/canvas factory was set-up at Faridabad, Haryana. 1952 One of Asia’s largest tanneries was set-up at Mokemehghat, Bihar. 1988 The Bata factory was set-up in Peenya, Bangalore.
1994 The Company’s factory at Hosur in the State of Tamil Nadu became operational, which was originally an Export Oriented Unit, but now caters to the domestic Indian market
1993 Batanagar factory became the first Indian shoe-manufacturing unit to receive the ISO 9001 certification.
Main Objects of the Company
The main objects of the Company as detailed in its MoA are:
o To carry on business as boots and shoes manufacturers and dealers, leather merchants and manufacturers, leather dressers, tanners, dealers in hides and skins and other materials, manufacturers of and dealers in rubber goods.

o To carry on the business of manufacturers and dealers in machinery for the production of boots and shoes and other leather and rubber goods and to carry on all business connected therewith. o To establish and maintain shoe-repair shops and/ or orthopaedical departments.

The Company was originally incorporated as Bata Shoe Company Limited on December 23, 1931under Indian Companies Act, 1913 for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing of all types of footwear, footwear components, leather and products allied to the footwear trade. Subsequently, the Company changed its name to .Bata Shoe Company Private Limited. on April 6, 1956 upon conversion into private company. The Company changed its name from .Bata Shoe Company Private Limited. To Bata Shoe Company Limited., upon conversion to a public company on April 18, 1973. The name was once again changed to the current name, i.e. Bata India Limited, on April 23, 1973.

The leather Industry in India occupies a place of prominence in the Indian economy, in view of potential for employment, growth and exports. India.s abundance of raw materials (10%...
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