Basil Germination

Topics: Germination, Temperature, Seed Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: April 12, 2013
The Effects of Temperature on Basil Germination
Successful germination depends on many different factors. The amount of moisture, the type of seed, the temperature of the room, and how long the seeds are left in the specific environment, these factors are the most common. This paper focuses on the temperature of the seeds, specifically basil seeds. Basil seeds were placed on a damp towel, in two seperate Petri dish, and one was put in a room, to adjust to the temperature, and the other was placed in a refrigerator, which was a constant 45 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Review of Literature:

The history of Basil is quite long actually. Sweet basil comes in about 60 different varieties. Basil originated in Asia, the exact location is not known. The oldest migration of the herb is from India. Basil was also found in ancient Greece, as well as ancient Egypt. There was a myth about basil, including a basilisk and a dragon. Basil was not just used an herb in cooking, it was also thought to have medicinal properties when applied to insect bites and stings. Basil was considered a “royal” herb in ancient times. In Greek, basil means “royal” or “kingly.”

Farahani and Maroufi from the Islamic Azad University in Iran, studied the effects of hydropriming on the germination process of basil. Hydropriming is basically a “steeping” type of method. Little water is added to the seeds, and then left alone to let the seeds germinate or grow. Their experiment was to put 100 seeds in disinfected Petri dishes, with a double layer roll of paper that was wet. They put another 100 seeds with the same type of paper, but dry, in plastic bags, that were sealed. Hydropriming was successful in germination of the seeds. The primed seeds had more germination that the non primed seeds.

Behzadi, Qaryan, and Shahi from the Prato Pardazesh Institute in Iran, did a study about the effects of LED lights on basil germination. What the researchers did was divide the...
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