Basic Methods of Research

Topics: Psychology, Scientific method, Longitudinal study Pages: 4 (747 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Basic Methods of Research

A.Two fundamental Questions: (Guide what we do in developmental psychology): 1.How do people change as they develop?
2.What are the determinants of these changes?

B.Goals of developmental psychology:
1.Understand universal changes
2.Explain individual differences
3.Search for contextual influences

C.Research in Developmental Psychology:
1.Waterbeds for infants:
Premature infants: standard beds vs. water beds
Infants in waterbeds had far fewer apneic episodes.
Research connects up to ways in which you can manage apneic episodes.

2.Resilient kids:
Examined children from worst kind of conditions in Hawaii. •What are the characteristics of children that will be resilient no matter the conditions? •Three characteristics:
1.Sunny Personality
2.Healthy sense of self from very young age
3.One adult who was consistent caring influence in their lives

3.Consequences of divorce:
Young boys: divorce has significant effects
1.Social development
2.Cognitive/ Educational development
Young Girls:
1.No substantial educational effects
2.No substantial socialization effects
3.Effects of divorce- later in life

4.Using electric shock:
Young child 9 months of age – bulimic
Electrolytes becoming imbalanced.
Vomiting started after child was fed some bad formula – had become conditioned to throw up after eating any food. •Psychologist applied electric current to baby’s foot as soon as vomiting started to take place. •After few sessions, baby stopped vomiting.

If you understand principles of learning, you can use something like electric shock in a positive way.

D.Origins of Research Questions
1.Need for basic descriptive information
How should cognitive function develop?
Are we on a normal developmental trajectory?
2.Theories--- “So what’s the big deal about theories?” •Explain what we can predict from individuals
Serve as foundation for research...
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