Baroque Era and Rock Music

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Baroque Era and Rock Music

To understand the correlation between Rock music and the Baroque Era, one must look more in-depth towards each culture’s history and social norms. The Baroque Era’s musical style was prevalent during 1600 - 1750. It can be described as a time when the music went hand in hand with the architecture, paintings, and literature of its time. It was a time when musicians brought out more intense emotions within their Rock music, which was created during the 1950’s in the United States by an African-American named Chuck Berry; he used the same principles as musicians during the Baroque era and met the same parochial views by society.

Musicians during both eras had several things in common, not just in their masterpieces, in their sociological environment. The Baroque era expanded our horizons with advances in technology such as the telescope, which helped us to gain a better understanding of the infinite. Enlightened thinkers such as Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza and Locke tackled tough questions of existence. Foreign trade and colonization resulted in more people having direct contact with parts of the world that were previously unknown. Finally, this era led to the creation of a middle class in Europe, which heavily impacted the everyday citizen, and thus it’s music.

During the Rock era the United States still had fresh memories of the great depression, a World War, and recently expanded middle class due to the military’s GI Bill, which paid for Ten’s of thousands veterans’ college tuition. The industrial revolution had transformed the country and intercontinental trade was unlike the world has ever seen; the influence of the roaring 1920’s Jazz era had bred a new generation leading to interracial music development. More importantly, a new tone and rhythm caused by integrating new technology such as electric guitars, and new style pianos were introduced. The Baroque era utilized new musical instrument advancements such as string...
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